The Story Behind the Reign Box

One of the most important things I have learned in this life so far is that we each possess some degree of power with respect to our health. Understanding and embracing this innate power requires consistent and lifelong practice. Practice noticing the information our minds, bodies, and spirits give us and creating rituals that nurture these. 

The Reign Box by Lavender in Luxe, curated by Dr. Cortney Beasley, reminds us each to prioritize time to understand our needs and to explore the power we possess to be the creators of our realities. The composition of each product was born from an appreciation of health, the environment, and self-knowledge. I chose the fragrance notes of vanilla bean, cashmere, and musk to help produce a luxurious experience that is meant to be enjoyed beyond a celebratory moment for meeting a goal or making it to the end of a challenging day or week. It is meant to remind us that we get to celebrate ourselves every day, any time of day. 

We celebrate when we remember to breathe and relax our shoulders. When we ask “What do I need in this moment?” We celebrate when we choose relationships that nurture us, and when we remember our ability to notice the beauty that lies within us even when it seems to be covered up by worldly grime. 

So when you soak in the warmth of your tub, when you inhale the scent of your candle, and when you wash away that which is no longer needed, remember. You Reign.