Lavender In Luxe

Reign by Dr. Cortney Beasley

The holiday season can be filled with many emotions, Put In Black has curated an at-home retreat package filled with sustainably sourced Lavender in Luxe products, to help you remember the peace that lies within you. Visit to learn more about best practices to care for yourself

Meet Dr. Cortney Beasley

Dr. Cortney Beasley is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and the founder of Put In Black. In her roles of service, she believes it is necessary that she does her part to remind people of their innate power and ability to care for themselves.

Guided by the concept of practice, she understands that consistent self-care allows space for the forgiving and healing of ourselves and others, and encourages us to continue to learn what nourishes our minds, bodies, and spirits.

“I nurture my intuition daily”

Lavender in Luxe Reign Mini Curated Box

"Reign" Mini Self-Care Box

Inside The Reign Mini Self-Care Box

Lavender in Luxe Reign LUXE Curated Box

"Reign" LUXE Self- Care Box

Inside The Reign LUXE Self-Care Box

The Story Behind the Reign Box

One of the most important things I have learned in this life so far is that we each possess some degree of power with respect to our health. Understanding and embracing this innate power requires consistent and lifelong practice…


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