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Candle Refills Bag

Candle Refills Bag


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Have you ever found the perfect scent of a candle you love, only to realize that it won’t last forever? Well worry no longer – the Candle Refills are here! Plus, they come in all of our available scents so you can either stay true to your favorite smell or switch it up to try new ones – whichever makes sense!

though these refills are most compatible to our jars, They are also compatible with all your favorite candle jars. So if you desire an effortless activity , to make your home sparkle with aromatic pleasure then don’t look further than our Candle Refills! Shop sustainable, shop smart, with these beautiful candle refills!

this 4 oz wax bag includes: 1 wick and wick holder



* cut the dotted line on the refill bag

* place the bag in a bowl or cup

* microwave bag for 30 seconds, if wax has not melted to a full pool – continue microwaving the bag in 30 seconds intervals.

* once full wax pool has been reached. Take off the sticker at the bottom of the wick.

* place wick into clean candle jar

* Pour the wax into the candle jar

* Allow 24 hours for wax to harden before lighting the candle

* once candle is fully dry, trim the wick

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Pick Your Scent

*Autumn Breeze: brown sugar + fig, *By the Fireside: saffron + sandalwood, *Turning Leaves: cedar + cinnamon, *Sweater Weather:, *Cozy Season: peppermint + mocha, *Fallen Spice: apple cider + caramel + spice, Cleansing Vibes: White Sage + Lavender, Sweet Sunshine: Citrus + Agave, Silent Mode: Lavender Tea + Tonic, Spa By The Sea: Sea Salt + Orchid, Alluring Peace: Lavender + Rose, Sunday Reset: Eucalyptus + Lavender, Zen: Eucalyptus + Mint, Zo1: Palo Santo + Sage + Lavender, Zo2: Lavender + Fig, Zo3: Green tea + lemongrass, Zo4: Eucalyptus + Agave, Zo5: Amber + Oakmoss + Rose, Zo6: Mint + Grapefruit + Vanilla, Zo7: Jasmine + Black Currant + Black Tea, Zo8: Ginger + Grapefruit + Champagne, Zo9: Sandalwood + Raspberry + Vetiver, Zo10: Juniper + lilac, Zo11: Cucumber Water + Melon, Zo12: Sea salt + Green leaves, Boss Vibes Only: Anise + Black Currant + Amber, Smells Like Success: Green Floral + Powder, Sparkle, Shine & Grind: Champagne + Mandarin + Coconut, Ignite Your Passion: Honey + Tonka Bean + Dark Musk


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