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Soy Wax Melts

Soy Wax Melts

Wax Melt Info

  • Each bundle comes with 6 wax melts approximately 2.5 oz. in total
  • 100% Soy Wax
  • Melted Fragrance release: 12 hours for each wax melt
  • Each cube has up to 12 hours of fragrance released when melted

How To Use

  • Use 1 wax melts in a wax burner at a time


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Our wax melts are flameless, perfect for homes with pets, small children and the person who just doesn’t want to light a candle.

Our Available Blends:

  • Cleansing Vibes: White Sage + Lavender
  • Sweet Sunshine: Citrus + Agave
  • By The Fireside: Saffron + Sandalwood
  • Silent Mode: Lavender Tea + Tonic
  • Spa By The Sea: Sea Salt + Orchid
  • Alluring Peace: Lavender + Rose
  • Zen: Eucalyptus + Mint
Weight 2.5 oz
Select Your Scent

*Autumn Breeze: brown sugar + fig, *By the Fireside: saffron + sandalwood, *Turning Leaves: cedar + cinnamon, *Sweater Weather:, *Cozy Season: peppermint + mocha, *Fallen Spice: apple cider + caramel + spice, Cleansing Vibes: White Sage + Lavender, Sweet Sunshine: Citrus + Agave, Silent Mode: Lavender Tea + Tonic, Spa By The Sea: Sea Salt + Orchid, Alluring Peace: Lavender + Rose, Sunday Reset: Eucalyptus + Lavender, Zen: Eucalyptus + Mint, Zo1: Palo Santo + Sage + Lavender, Zo2: Lavender + Fig, Zo3: Green tea + lemongrass, Zo4: Eucalyptus + Agave, Zo5: Amber + Oakmoss + Rose, Zo6: Mint + Grapefruit + Vanilla, Zo7: Jasmine + Black Currant + Black Tea, Zo8: Ginger + Grapefruit + Champagne, Zo9: Sandalwood + Raspberry + Vetiver, Zo10: Juniper + lilac, Zo11: Cucumber Water + Melon, Zo12: Sea salt + Green leaves, Boss Vibes Only: Anise + Black Currant + Amber, Smells Like Success: Green Floral + Powder, Sparkle, Shine & Grind: Champagne + Mandarin + Coconut, Ignite Your Passion: Honey + Tonka Bean + Dark Musk


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