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Room Spray

Room Spray


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Our Room Spray is the definition of luxury. Imagine your favorite scent from Lavender in Luxe wafting through your home, taking you to a state of peaceful zen. Our spray comes in an array of different scents, you’ll find exactly what fragrance best fits your mood. Our sprays are perfect for not just linen sheets but also furniture, cars and upholstery as well. 

If candles make you think of peace and serenity, take into consideration our Room Spray as it has just that effect. Plus the convenience of seconds in comparison to waiting for candles to burn down is made easy with our Room Sprays – creating a tranquil environment for yourself or for guests in no time!  “A home without fragrance is like a day without sunshine” – so make sure every day shines with our Room Spray!

4 oz.

ingredients: Water, surfactant, isopropyl alcohol, DIPropylene glycol.

Weight N/A
Pick Your Scent

Cleansing Vibes: White Sage + Lavender, Sweet Sunshine: Citrus + Agave, Silent Mode: Lavender Tea + Tonic, Spa By The Sea: Sea Salt + Orchid, Alluring Peace: Lavender + Rose, Sunday Reset: Eucalyptus + Lavender, Zen: Eucalyptus + Mint, Capricorn: Palo Santo + Sage + Lavender, Aquarius: Lavender + Fig, Pisces: Green tea + lemongrass, Aries: Eucalyptus + Agave, Taurus: Amber + Oakmoss + Rose, Gemini: Mint + Grapefruit + Vanilla, Cancer: Jasmine + Black Currant + Black Tea, Leo: Ginger + Grapefruit + Champagne, Virgo: Sandalwood + Raspberry + Vetiver, Libra: Juniper + lilac, Scorpio: Cucumber Water + Melon, Sagittarius: Sea salt + Green leaves


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